Helping you live a healthy life with a chronic condition

As part of the Ontario Diabetes Strategy, the Ministry of Health has recently funded the Self-Management Initiative, an integrated, comprehensive strategy aimed at preventing and improving management of chronic conditions in Ontario.

The “Living a Healthy Life” workshop develops self-management skills among people in a small group setting.   You will learn a process for setting goals each week and solving some of the problems you experience.  The workshop will allow you to “tailor” the program to your own needs.  You will take an active role in learning self-management. You will try new ideas, listen to others and share your progress with the group.

People who have participated in the “Living a Healthy Life” workshop became more active and reported better health, less fatigue, and better communication with their doctors.  They even spent less time in the hospital compared to those who did not take the workshop!  The program was developed by Stanford University and is widely considered a best practice in chronic disease prevention and management, and has been adopted in many parts of Canada and around the world.

Workshop groups meet once a week for 2 ½ hours over six weeks and are led by two group facilitators who have taken special training. The leaders are volunteers or health care professionals, many of whom have chronic conditions themselves.

Healthy Living Now has been funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, Ontario Diabetes Strategy and serves the Central region.

Our Vision

Empower people with chronic conditions and their caregivers to manage their health and quality of life with confidence.