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Brief Action Planning

Brief Action Planning: Clinician Influence and Patient Action Workshop

Efforts are needed to assist and empower patients to actively self-manage health behaviours that influence chronic illness outcomes. By providing self-management support, patients can experience fewer symptoms, improved quality of life and lower use of health care resources.

Brief Action Planning addresses many of the barriers providers have cited to providing self-management support. It can be used routinely by both individual providers and health care teams to facilitate patient-centered goal setting, action planning and to build self-efficacy in chronic disease management and prevention

The core skills of BAP can be learned by anyone interested in supporting others to make change. It is a highly structured, stepped-care, self-management support technique grounded in principles and practice of Motivational Interviewing and behaviour change theory and research.

Course Overview

Brief Action Planning uses a 4.5 hour workshop format to provide health care providers with an opportunity to learn specific, brief and efficient communication strategies and skills that can be utilized in the setting of brief medical office visits.

  • Based on theories, principles and practices of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the evidence-based literature of behaviour change, drawing specifically on self-efficacy and action planning theory and research.
  • Designed to acquaint the participant with the literature, theory and techniques for promoting change in health behaviour and supporting self-management

Why Should I Take This Workshop?

  • Learn how to assess patients’ confidence and commitment to engage in health behaviour change
  • Learn skills to influence change in patients’ health behaviours
  • Learn techniques to use in clinical settings to promote adherence to    treatment plans and encourage follow-up for reflection, reassurance and next steps.

Workshop Format

The workshop consists of:

  • mini lectures
  • interactive exercises
  • videotaped case studies
  • skill practice with peers

BAP is grounded in the principles and practice of motivational interviewing. Additional information regarding CCMI’s Brief Action Planning workshop can be located at:

These workshops are funded by the MOHLTC through the Central LHIN Self-Management Program; there is no cost to attend. To register for a workshop please follow this link