Helping you live a healthy life with a chronic condition

A conversational style that focuses on a person’s priorities, values and interests.

**Prerequisite: Completing Brief Action Planning workshop

This intensive training workshop is for advanced motivational interviewing skills.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a self-management support approach that uses a collaborative conversation style with patients, clients, or peers, in order to draw out and strengthen their motivation and commitment to change. Whether you are a home care nurse trying to help someone who is struggling with multiple chronic conditions or a case worker helping someone to meet their daily needs on a limited income, the core skills can be learned by anyone interested in supporting others to make change. MI is particularly useful for those who have the opportunity to engage with patients or clients who are facing complex situations, ambivalence, or multiple concerns.

This highly interactive 2-day workshop focuses on the key attitudes, skills and strategies that are linked to effectiveness in supporting behavior change.

  • The four processes of MI
  • The Spirit of MI
  • Recognizing change talk
  • Understanding ‘resistance’
  • Responding with open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections, and summaries

Practice and Feedback calls are intended to increase trainee’s confidence and achieve proficiency in Motivational Interviewing. These one hour sessions provide opportunities for participants to practice MI skills in groups of up to 4 with an MI trainer.