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Virtual Training for Powerful Tools for Caregiver Leaders

This five-day leader training prepares and certifies PTC class leaders to successfully co-lead the six-week Powerful Tools for Caregivers class series. The virtual training program includes:

• Scripted curriculum for both the caregivers of adults with chronic conditions as well as the caregivers
of children with special needs classes
• Intensive, experiential, and interactive training provided by a team of certified PTC Master Trainers
• Learning and practicing group leadership and facilitation skills
• DVDs used in caregiver classes
• One-time certification fee
Certified PTC Master Trainers will conduct the class leader training so you may bring Powerful Tools for
Caregivers to your community. Class leaders will be fully prepared to co-lead Powerful Tools for Caregivers
classes to groups of up to 15 family caregivers.

Please follow the links below to register for one of the sessions:

Training Sessions

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Due to COVID-19, all in person trainings are on hold. Contact Us for other upcoming training opportunities.