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If you're looking for disease specific information, you can use one of the following sites to search for education, programs or resources to meet your needs.

Arthritis General Stroke Information for Patients and Caregivers Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
The Arthritis Society Video Resources for Stroke Patients and their Caregivers Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada 
Cancer Introduction to Stroke Parkinson's Disease
Canadian Cancer Society Transition Home into the Community Parkinson Society Canada
Cancer Care Ontario Stroke4Carers Physical Activity
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Patient and Caregiver Resources - multiple links/PDFs Diabetes and You: Healthy Lifestyles
FM-CFS Canada  Infographics for Stroke Care and Recovery - multiple topics included Recovery After Stroke
Chronic Pain What You Need to Know about Stroke Recovery After Stroke
Chronic Pain Association of Canada Stroke Survivors and Caregivers - resources Swallowing and Communication after Stroke
Diabetes Persons with Stroke - multiple topics/resources Adjustment After Stroke - The Patient and Caregiver Experience
Canadian Diabetes Association Resources for the public Recreation and Leisure after Stroke
Stand Up to Diabetes Information for Persons with Stroke Upper Extremity Management after Stroke
Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Community Supports Memory Impairments after Stroke
Diabetes Care Community Patient and Family Resources Managing Unilateral Spatial Neglect after Stroke
Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention Management Patients and Caregivers Practical Communication Skills after Stroke
Atrial Fibrillation Healthy Eating Strategies to Improve Physical Activity after Stroke
NOAC and Warfarin Patient Education - Apixaban Dietitians of Canada Self-Management after Stroke
NOAC and Warfarin Patient Education - Dabigatran EatRight Ontario Self-Management (English)
NOAC and Warfarin Patient Education - Edoxaban Five to Ten a Day for Better Health Fatigue and Energy Conservation after Stroke
NOAC and Warfarin Patient Education - Rivaroxaban Canada’s Food Guide  Managing Attention Impairments after Stroke
NOAC and Warfarin Patient Education - Warfarin Kidney Disease Managing Anxiety and Frustration after Stroke
Driving after Stroke or TIA The Kidney Foundation Stress after Stroke
Driving Lung Disease Organizing, Planning and Processing after Stroke
Accessible Parking Permit The Lung Association Canada Basic Steps to Self-Care and Psychological Resilience
Driving After Stroke or TIA Patient Handout Mood Disorders and Mental Health (Depression, anxiety disorders) Self-Management videos (French)
Driving Infographic Canadian Mental Health Association Does your family member have aphasia?
Community Crisis Response Service 310-2673 (310-COPE) Enabling self-management following stroke: A checklist for patients, families, and caregivers
Canadian Mental Health Association –York Region 1-866-208-5509 Southlake Patient Connect
York Support Services Network Stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure
Heart and Stroke


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