Helping you live a healthy life with a chronic condition

Where possible, we prefer that Trainees have completed the “Living a Healthy Life” Workshop as a participant before training as a leader.

The application process will include:

  1. Submitting the Volunteer Application Form. Alternatively this can be downloaded in PDF format.
  2. An interview in person or by telephone 
  3. A signed commitment to:
    – Honour responsibilities as a Peer Leader.
    – Adhere to the policies of the Central LHIN including a ‘pledge of confidentiality’ and a ‘code of conduct’. 
  4. Submitting evidence of a valid Police Reference Check. 

The above volunteer recruitment procedures are standard practice and help to promote a safe environment for self-management workshop participants and fellow Peer Leaders.

This program made me aware that there is a common denominator for many health conditions. As a result of this class I feel better prepared to help myself and reach my goals